Season 2

S2 E1 | Memory & Psychology in Hugo Wolf's Mignon Lieder

Memory, psychology, and text painting intersect as we celebrate Hugo Wolf's moving Mignon Lieder with text by Goethe. How do you portray a character's inner world of turmoil and recollection? That's what I'll discuss with two wonderful guests: renowned pianist Martin Katz and mezzo-soprano Dr. Sahoko Timpone. Our featured recording is “Kennst du das Land?”

Meet the Artists:

Martin Katz

Sahoko Timpone

Natalie Sherer

Check out the original text with English Translation (via LiederNet).

S2 E2 | "Tiger, Tiger" by Rebecca Clarke

Dr. Marcía Porter, soprano, joins me as we share our recording of a fantastic song - “Tiger, Tiger” - composed by Rebecca Clark with text by William Blake. The text painting is palpable; the piano is the tiger in this song. Clarke was a prolific composer although many of her works remain unpublished. At the age of 90, she was still composing and still revising this song.

Meet the Artists:

Marcía Porter

Natalie Sherer

Check out the poetry (via LiederNet)

S2 E3 | "Sorrow & Ecstasy" - The Songs of Henri Duparc 

Immerse yourself in the world of Duparc, and join singers Aria Minasian, Megan Warburton, Nicholas Music, and me on a voyage through the panorama of human emotions. Duparc was a master at creating sensuous, lush soundscapes, but tragically stopped composing at the age of 37 and destroyed much of his work. In a concert called “Sorrow and Ecstasy,” four singers and I presented his complete songs. In this episode, we delve into Duparc’s musical depictions of grief and rage to pure bliss and the unique audience-centric facets of our performance. 

Complete "Sorrow & Ecstasy" Concert Video (Part 1)

"Sorrow & Ecstasy" Video Part 2

Meet the Artists:

Aria Minasian

Megan Warburton

Nicholas Music

Taewon Sohn

Natalie Sherer

Season 1

S1 E1 | Nebbie 

In the inaugural episode of CPP, Natalie sets the stage for the series and features a conversation with Dr. Bernard Tan & Samuel Kidd as they unearth the hidden gems and special moments in the art song, Nebbie by Ottorino Respighi. Additionally, Natalie gets to correspond with Adriano, a conductor in Switzerland who shares a unique perspective and story about the piece, having gotten to record Mr. Respighi with his wife in a rare performance of Nebbie

S1 E2 | Viola 

Natalie had the pleasure of speaking with Drs. John Etsell and Daniel McGrew as they discover the genius text painting and storytelling telling embedded in the Art Song, Viola by Franz  Schubert. Gregarious and thoughtful, John and Daniel chaperone Natalie through Viola's journey to the alter. Note: Viola is a flower. 

S1 E3 | Asie

During the Pandemic, travel was -and is- a fleeting wish for many people. With the exotic locales discovered in "Asie" from Shéhérazade by Ravel, Natalie and guests Dr. Nick Roehler and Olivia Johnson embark on a musical journey that takes them from the waves of the sea to the streets of China in this episode, an ode to travel.

Check out the original Poetry with English Translation (via LiederNet)